It is time for addressing the real challenges of online companies. Whether your new product launch takes way to long or your established platform becomes only heaver in issues and legacies. You cannot find the right qualified people or you’re dealing with an underperforming external team. The success of your online business depends on the right technology approach to stand out in the overcrowded ecommerce space. Introducing G I B L E.

Global is the new local. Internet has made us all connected. New ways of working have emerged to supply human capital in a more efficient, variable and flexible way. In this connected game, everyone is invited – breaking the barriers of geography and traditional employment. Disappointing realities around traditional outsourcing dissuade companies from this infinite human source. We have a unique system to tap in the global capacity of technology “brianiacs”.

Innovation by technology has become the most important driver to stand out in online success. The process to innovate is very delicate, however. Despite all the efforts from established companies, the firms that really stand out in developing disruptive technologies were often entrants to its industry, not its incumbent leaders. Innovation requires an outside-in approach, using creative brainiacs to shake up the common practice. We prefer to use as much best-practice and open-connected components to keep custom made coding to its essentials keeping you on the fast-track to launch.

Brainiacs are the new sources for innovation. Online companies are more than ever in the game of global innovation to standout in their market. Lead-time to market for new product features has become the leading factor to stay ahead of competition. Organisations need to be agile in order to be a fast mover in rapid changing markets. It is all starts with getting the best Brainiacs onboard to bring the Innovation to the next level – using the best approach in technology development.

Lean has become the new paradigm for development in this global innovation business. We believe that technology should be much faster and cost-effective to develop and more easy to manage. We think the life span of online platform can be much more a growing continuum than the traditional 3 to 5 year cycle. When you start off with the right development approach, in an agile and growing architecture, you can be liberated of the every increasing technical debt and legacy issues.

Engineering needs to be more business-centric in our view. We need to leave the idea that companies need the have a unique code-base in order to be innovative. A code-base that takes long to develop, hard to change and only be understood by IT geeks. It is time for a different architecture and delivery approach, using as much best-practice and open (source) connected components. We think that software engineering needs to focus primarily on the composing of unique growing architectures rather than coding for steady specialties.