Our Project Approach

This is how we do it


First we sign a mutual NDA. Confidentiality first.

Explain us your requirements, be it a mobile app, complete platform or a big-data who-knows what.

You provide us your product ideas, stories, cases, mock-ups or prototypes. If not yet available we will help you making them.

We provide a brief quotation to set some mutual and forward looking expectations. No obligations.


We will design your application architecture, incorporating as much standard available software components to keep custom-made coding to its essentials.

By keeping all parts small, autonomous and loosely coupled, we make sure that your architecture can growing with your advancing business requirements.

We provide a second more detailed quotation. Flexible or fixed pricing - depending on your open or closed requirements.


For what we have to develop we will use are model driven approach to break down the activities and assign to the best person in our global network.

We will orchestrate their work, making sure all pieces are build correctly and work perfectly together - so you can focus on the creative part.

During our incremental releases we will keep you an active Product Owner - using our online customer portal environment.


We provide a working demo for your final acceptance.

We release the software in our cloud or in your specific environment.

We make sure everything can be easily transferred, integrated and maintained by your own people.

We can also host the software for you on a SLA basis.

We celebrate together. Our treat.